engels„An excellent year of studies at high quality! Studying and living together at the Europa-Kolleg was a very important experience.“Barbara Engels


M. Walter„Time of my life at the Kolleg, great experience both in academic and personal sphere. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge about the European affairs in an interdisciplinary manner. I would also strongly recommend living at the Kolleg, which enhances the experience a lot! I have never in my life studied with such a joy as at the Europa-Kolleg!“Marcin Walter


Polakova„I had a chance to meet here an amazing group of people who created a really motivating and mutually supportive academic atmosphere. Strong individuals and good friends at the same time. I appreciated so much living just „next“ to the lecture room and in very pleasant neighbourhood! The highlights of the academic year were excursions and lectures with practitioners. All in all, a very intensive and amazing year that I will never forget.“Zuzana Polakova