Dear interested,

Since 1994 study programmes on European Studies have been offered by the University of Hamburg in cooperation with today’s Institute for European Integration of the Foundation Europa-Kolleg Hamburg. More than 650 students from over 50 countries have already successfully participated in the courses and are now working in various fields all over the world.
Detailed information on the Master Programme ‘European and European Legal Studies’ and its course of studies, admission requirements and an online application form you may find here.
Please feel free to contact us for further information, either via e-mail: meels[at]europa-kolleg-hamburg[dot]de or by phone: +49/40/827 727-27.

Furthermore many alumnae and alumni have kindly agreed to answer any questions you might have concerning studying and living at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg.
You will find information on these contact persons grouped by nationality, by the country/city where they are living and in alphabetical order. A map shows you where they are living and, by using the zoom-function, you can check who is available in a specific city.
Thank you very much for your interest! We would be happy to welcome you as students at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg.

Professor Dr Markus Kotzur, LL.M. (Duke)
Director of Studies

Contact Persons grouped by Nationality

Albania (3), Austria (2), Azerbaijan (1), Bulgaria (5), China (3), Colombia (1), Croatia (1), Czech Republic (2), Germany (20), Hungary (3), Lithuania (2), Former Republic of Macedonia (2), Poland (5), Romania (9), Russia (2), Slovakia (7), Spain (1) Turkey (1), Ukraine (1)

Contact Persons in Alphabetical Order

Contact persons in alphabethical order

Map of Contact Persons

Click here for a map which shows you where our contact persons live.

Further Information

The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg welcomes additional alumnae and alumni who would like to act as contact persons. Please send the completed questionnaire to studies[at]europa-kolleg-hamburg[dot]de.