Tuition fees of 8,500.00 euros are charged covering both terms of the Master Programme ‘European and European Legal Studies’. Tuition covers the participation of the students in all lectures, tutorials and excursions.
Also extra-curricular activities like tours and attendance of symposia and conferences, as well as teaching materials and participation in the examinations are included in the fee. Not included in tuition however are living expenses and the rent for an apartment in Hamburg.

Tuition is to be paid in three instalments:

  • An amount of 1,500.00 euros is due four weeks after receiving the admission to the master programme;
  • An amount of 3,500.00 euros is due before the start of the programme until Thursday, 1 September 2016;
  • An amount of 3,500.00 euros is due before the beginning of the second term of the studies until Wednesday, 1 March 2017.

Declaration on Tuition Fees and Social Contributions

Please take note of the Decl­aration on Tuition Fees and Social Contributions. During the process of online application you will be requested to declare your consent to this declaration. Please note that in the course of the application and selection process, in case you are offered a place in the Master Progamme ‘European and European Legal Studies’ and decide to accept this place, you commit yourself to participate in the Master Programme and to cover the tuition fees.

Social fee charged by the University of Hamburg/Student pass for public transportation

Besides tuition for participating in the Master Programme ‘European and European Legal Studies’, for each of the two terms students have to pay a fee of approx. 300 euros (subject to change) in each case charged by University of Hamburg. It consists of a social fee of approx. 250 euros to the University and an administrative fee of 50 euros.
Amongst others, the costs for a student pass for public transportation in Hamburg (buses and trains provided by the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund – HVV) are included in that fee.

Living expenses and rent

Living expenses and rent will generally amount to approx. 800 to 1,000 euros per month.
For rent of a room around 250 to 500 euros will have to be paid monthly, e. g. the monthly rate for an apartment at the residence hall of the Foundation Europa-Kolleg Hamburg accounts for 400 euros.
Monthly costs for groceries will amount to approx. 350 euros.
Compulsory health insurance for students costs are approx. 80 euros per month.