The Master Programme takes one year. It is a full-time course of studies.It is subdivided into ten modules in total. There are eight modules composed of academic lectures, three of which have to be attended during the winter term, whereas a further five lecture modules follow during the summer term.

After the lectures of the winter term come to an end an academic master thesis is to be written for which a period of four months is provided. The submission of the master thesis is generally scheduled for mid-September.
A practice module scheduled for the period between the winter and the summer term (February/March) calls for the students to do an internship, e. g. at an institution of the EU, representations of the German Foreign Office in foreign countries, ministries, governmental agencies, law firms or companies.

After successful completion of the Master Programme the University of Hamburg either awards the academic degree ‘Master of Arts (M.A.)‘ or the academic degree ‘Master of Laws (LL.M.)‘.

Information on examinations, degrees and the language/s of instruction you may find here.


At the beginning of the Master Programme three basic modules devoted to the legal, economic and political aspects of European integration have to be attended by all students collectively.

During the subsequent specialisation phase students have the opportunity to study one of the following elective specialisation fields in depth:

  • International Relations of the EU and
  • European Business Law.

Each specialisation field consists of five modules. The range of specialisation fields may vary from academic year to academic year depending on the interests of the applicants.

Detailed information on each of the specialisation fields and modules you may find here.

Further events

Besides participation in the courses which form part of the curriculum of the Master Programme, students have the opportunity to attend or participate in various symposia, workshops and guest lecturers organised by the Institute for European Integration of the Foundation Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, an academic institution at the University of Hamburg in accordance with para. 95 of the Hamburg Law on Higher Education on a regular basis.

During the summer term students will go on a five-day excursion to the institutions of the EU in Luxembourg (Court of Justice of the European Union) and Brussels (Commission, Council and European Parliament).