The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg is an internationally recognised, interdisciplinary institution for education and research in the field of European integration. With the Institute for European Integration and two Master Programmes, the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg offers an excellent platform for research, teaching and learning in the area of European studies. Renowned lecturers, the specialised library for European studies, the integrated residential area, important projects, events and publications provide a stimulating environment for students and researchers from around the world who have the highest expectations in the area of European integration.

The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg was founded in 1953 as a non-profit-making foundation under private law. The foundation has the objective of furthering research and academic teachings in the area of European Integration and international cooperation. The foundation contributes to the financing thereof and executes all the connected administrative tasks. The foundation is supervised by an Honorary Board and is advised by a Board of Trustees.

Our mission statement

  • The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg is involved in research, post-graduate education and public communication in the field of European integration
  • We are committed to the highest standards of practice oriented education and academic excellence
  • We offer:
    • A highly qualified faculty of researchers and professors
    • A highly motivated international student body
    • An interdisciplinary approach to research and education focusing on law, economics and political science
    • An environment of living and learning under one roof
    • A unique forum allowing the peaceful encounter of world cultures
    • An atmosphere of an European metropolis which, since the times of the Hanseatic League, has considered itself the gateway to the world


  • We are striving to contribute to
    • The advancement of the ideals and goals of European integration
    • The communication with and solidarity among all nations of the world
    • The promotion of greater respect for human rights
    • The preservation of peace and welfare in Europe and the World

Neufassung der Satzung der Stiftung Europa-Kolleg Hamburg vom 8. Juli 2011