Please know that there is no time limit to complete the application, however, you need to complete it in one go, on account that there is no ‘save’ option to interrupt and resume at a later date. Once you have completed the online application form and have uploaded the attachments and send it on to us, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application.


Please be sure to have gathered all supporting documents or files and have them ready to be uploaded. Here you may find a checklist which documents or files are required during the application process. For a tabular CV please use the Europass CV, for example.
Please also make sure that

  • the volume for each document or file does not exceed 1.8 MB;
  • your documents and files match one the following format
    • .doc,
    • .docx,
    • .pdf,
    • .jpeg;
  • your files or documents that are neither in English or German are accompanied by an official translation into either one of these languages;
    you have named the documents and files according to this pattern:

SURNAME, first name, type of document, 2015-16.


    • SMITH, Jane, CV, 2015-16
    • SMITH, John, tertiary education, 2015-16

Incomplete Set of Documents

If, at the time of the application deadline, you cannot provide a complete set of documents, please communicate this and the reasons therefore, as well as give information on when you expect to be able to provide the missing documents, e. g. test date for TOEFL or expected date of graduation.
In such cases, the Admissions and Examinations Committee may admit you under the condition that you provide the missing documents before the start of the academic year.
All admission conditions have to be met before the start of the academic year, i. e. before 1 October 2015. In case you fail to provide the necessary documents, your conditional admission to the programme is void and you are not allowed to participate.


We will ask you for several specific dates, e. g. your birthday, the day you started school/university or the day you left university/school. Please make sure that you have these dates at the ready.
The date representation that is used in our online application is YYYY-MM-DD.

  • The deadline for applications is 2015-03-15.
  • The academic year 2015/2016 starts on 2015-10-01.

Language Proficiency

  • Self-assessment

We will ask you to indicate your language proficiency using the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CFER). Please prepare yourself to be able to do so. Here is the official self-assessment grid by the Council of Europe on the CFER.

  • Standardised Language Tests

We accept the following standardised language tests (they shall not date back more than three years):

  • English proficiency
    • TOEFL with a minimum result of 100 (iBT)
    • IELTS with a minimum result of 7,0

Sufficient English-language proficiency an also be demonstrated with a degree from an English-speaking degree program. Applicants who are native English speakers are exempt from this requirement.

Choice of Field of Specialisation

We will ask you to indicate your first and second choice of field of specialisation. Please make sure to have a look at the curricula of the elective fields to find out about the two possible choices:

  • International Relations of the EU and
  • European Business Law.

More information is available in our curriculum.

Letter of Motivation

We will ask you to give details on your motivation to take up studies in our Master Programme. For this you have 4,000 characters (including spaces) to be directly entered into the online application form.

Phone Numbers

We will ask you to share your phone, mobile and, if you have one, facsimile number. Please indicate the international dialling code as well and use the following way of representation:


+49 (0)12 34 56 78 – 9


We will ask you to provide the name and the professional email address of a professors or other individual who is familiar with your academic and professional development. Please have their information at the ready.


We will ask you to confirm that you have duly taken note of the

  • Declaration of Consent to the Collection, Storage and Use of Personal Data,
  • Declaration on Tuition Fees and Social Contributions,
  • Examination Regulations.

Please make sure to have a look at them. You can also find them ready for download here:


For technical support, please email