Plarent RUKA

    World Future Council
    nationality: Albanian
    lives in: Hamburg/Germany

    original field of studies: Law and Business
    LL.M. European Legal Studies 2010/11


    “My experience with Europa-Kolleg-Hamburg has been excellent. In addition to an outstanding and vigorous study program offered by dedicated and well-known professors and lecturers, I very much enjoyed being exposed to their remarkable friendliness and openness. Both the academic and the administrative staff I would convincingly define as being highly professional and having a unique approach to the international master students, aiming primarily at their academic excellence, while also supporting their adaptation to a new environment. I further enjoyed studying with colleagues from different countries of the world, representing various backgrounds and adding much color to the learning process.

    On a more personal account, the idyllic location of the school building and its highly convenient combination with the students house, allowed for much extra-curricular student life, building friendly relationships that promise to last longer than the master program itself. The cultural exchange process was smooth due to the students’ positive spirit and tolerance.

    Beyond valuable working opportunities offered to me upon graduating from this prestigious program, such an experience enriches my grand memories from Europa-Kolleg-Hamburg.”

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    Zheni KORCARI

    Research assistant
    Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
    nationality: Albanian
    lives in: Tirana/Albania

    original field of studies: German language and literature
    Master of European Studies 2006/2007

    “Der im Europa-Kolleg Hamburg absolvierte Masterstudiengang hat unmittelbar zu meiner Aufnahme in die Konrad Adenauer Stiftung beigetragen. Das Studium im Kolleg ist sehr effektiv. Unter einem Dach zu lernen und zu leben macht Spaß!”

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    Arber GJUNKSHI

    director of legal department (Albanian Airlines)
    nationality: Albanian
    lives in: Tirana/Albania

    original field of study: Rechtwissenschaften
    Master of European Legal Studies 2008/2009

    “The time I have spent at Europa-Kolleg is one of the most valuable ones for me. The highly professional academic stuff, friendly class mates and the whole atmosphere at the Europa-Kolleg and in the beautiful city Hamburg made me live a priceless experience. I am happy to have been part of it.”

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