On 13 May 2019 Peter Häberle celebrated his 85th birthday. The present volume documents the results of a festive colloquium in Hamburg. It is a personal homage of an international circle of friends and students, which – oriented on three major research interests if the jubilant: constitution, public welfare and peace – discusses fundamental questions of the constitutional state. Facing the current challenges of liberal political orders through authoritarianism and populism, the volume´s contributions stand up resolutely for a “culture of the constitution”, oriented towards the common good, against a cult of power. Included are, amongst others, Peter Häberle´s contribution on a “Culture of Peace” and on the “Weimar Constitution”. Congratulations from all over the world reflect quintessential constitutional questions from a very individual angle.

With contributions by Andreas von Arnauld, Miguel Azpitarte-Sánchez, Francisco Balaguer Callejón, Bengt Beutler, Antonio D´Atena, Peter Häberle, Markus Kotzur, Pratyush Kumar, Fulco Lanchester, Gilmar Ferreira Mendes, Lothar Michael, Jörg Paul Müller, Vasco Pereira da Silva, Paolo Ridola, Ingo Wolfgang Sarlet, Michael Stolleis, Johann Justus Vasel, Alexandre Viala

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