In June 2007, the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, together with several law firms, organized the 4th Hamburg Antitrust Law Symposium on the topic “Patents, Forecasts, Cooperations: Current Issues in the Application of Antitrust Law”.

With the present volume, the contributions to the fourth symposium are now made available to the public, supplemented by several appendices in which documents are included to which the contributions referred. The multifaceted topic was prompted by various current developments in the area of tension between industrial property rights and antitrust law, in the area of the assessment of corporate mergers on the basis of market forecasts, and in the area of purchasing pools.

The presentations analyzed these developments in detail and put them up for discussion. In addition to speakers from academia and from the practice of lawyers and antitrust authorities, the participants in the symposium included representatives from the legal profession, business, administration and the judiciary as well as students of the postgraduate course Master of European Studies, which is conducted in cooperation with the University of Hamburg at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg.

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