Darlis Mojarrieta is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for European Integration from October until December 2015. His research stay is financed through a scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Programme (DAAD).

Mr. Mojarrieta is currently a PhD candidate in the field of law at the University of Sydney. His PhD research analyses selection mechanisms for skilled migration from a comparative perspective, particularly how points based systems are being used across different jurisdictions. He holds an undergraduate degree in Law from the University of Camaguey (Cuba), and a postgraduate degree in Law and Political Science from the Centre of Political and Constitutional Studies (CEPC), in Madrid, Spain.

During his stay at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, Mr. Mojarrieta is examining selection policies for skilled migration in the European Union. His research focuses on how the Council Directive 2009/50/EC on the EU Blue Card has been transposed by Member States and how the existence of alternative national policies and laws towards skilled migrants is affecting the implementation of the Blue Card scheme.