Procedure & Deadlines

To be considered for admission to the Master Programme ‘European and European Legal Studies’ you are required to invite two professors or other persons to act as referees supporting your application and complete an online application. If you wish to apply for a scholarship brokered by the Foundation Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, two additional referees shall be named.

The closing date for your application is 15 March 2015.

Before you start with the application process, please be sure to carefully read the instructions.

Application Process

Shortly you will find a link to our online admission form in this place.
To be notified at that time please send an email with the subject ‘online-admission’ and your email address as the content of the message to the email address you find below.

Please be prepared to have names and professional email addresses of the referees speaking out in support of your application at the ready. Also please make sure you have all the documents ready, further information on this you may find in this checklist here.

Also we are interested in whether you would like to not only study at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg but also live there, whether you are in need of financial support and how you came to know about our Master Programme.

Selection of Applications to be Admitted

In case of admission you will be notified in May 2015.
The selection of applicants is administered by the Admissions and Examinations Committee on the basis of the written applications and, in some cases, a telephone interview.

Acceptance or Rejection of the Offered Place

After receipt of the letter of admission to the Master Programme, the applicant has to declare in writing his or her acceptance or rejection of the offered place in our Master Programme. This has to be done within the deadline specified in the letter of admission.
By declaring his or her acceptance the applicant commits him- or herself to participate in the Master Programme and to cover the tuition fees.


Closing Date for your Application: 15 March 2015
Notification of Admission: May 2015
Declaration of Acceptance/Rejection: May/June 2015
(precise date will be specified in the Letter of Admission)
Beginning of Studies: 1 October 2015
End of Studies 31 July 2016