New Volume of the Publication Series on Integration Research

What about the future of democracy in Europe? The new volume of the publication series of Europa-Kolleg Hamburg on integration research “Walter Grab and the Democracy Movement in Europe” deals with this highly topical question.

The book, edited by Dr. Miriam Bistrovic, Lecturer Dr. Andreas Grimmel, Professor Dr. Armin Hatje, Paul Nemitz and Professor Dr. Miriam Rürup presents the work of the historian Walter Grab to a broad public. As a historian, Grab made important contributions to the history of European democracy. Throughout his life, he was concerned with the question of how democracy developed in modern Europe. In doing so, he established connections between the democracy movement and the emancipation of European Jews.

As part of an interdisciplinary colloquium at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg and the Institute for the History of German Jews in Hamburg, Grab’s work was honored and linked to the question of the future of European democracy.