Our series of Study Papers contains selected master theses submitted by students as part of our study programme “Master of European and European Legal Studies”. They are made available by the Institute for European Integration in its online publications database.

Selection criteria are relevance and complexity of the topic, structure and substance of the thesis, the use of sources, as well as formal and language considerations. All published theses were graded as “very good” and were recommended for publication by the respective evaluators.

The graduating class of 2015 produced a considerable number of excellent theses, three of which have already been published, with two more to follow. They serve as best-practice examples for our current students and are valuable contributions to scientific discourse in the field of European and European legal studies.

Here are the most recently published papers:

The Notion of the Rule of Law in the EU’s Rule of Law Promotion Activities
(Maryna Rabinovych)

The principle of effective judicial protection when Member States implement EU law –
An analysis of the rules on access to court and standing for environmental NGOs in Belgium and Germany

(Celien Coltura)

Regulation of Vertical Mergers under European Union Law: Lessons to Be Learnt by Other Jurisdictions
(Mrudul Dadhich)