In October and November 2014 Marianne Takle stays as a Visiting Research Fellow at Europa-Kolleg.

Marianne Takle is currently a part of the group on migration and trans-nationality at NOVA, Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway. She holds a PhD in political science from the University of Oslo. She has for many years studied different aspects of migration and integration policy such as the EU’s migration policy, national migration policy in selected European countries with special focus on Germany, and the integration of immigrants in light of nationalism and cultural studies. She has just finished a three-year post doctoral project on how immigrant organisations in Oslo participate in local democracy.

At Europa-Kolleg Takle will examine how the EU develops its new border control through on-going efforts to construct a common policy on migration and international protection. These efforts largely take place through the internal harmonization of the member states’ bureaucratic categories related to migration and international protection, and the legal rights that follow from them. The overall aim of her project is to examine how the European border control is connected to increasingly differentiated categories, and the statistical data connected to them. This will be studied within the broader framework of how a separation of control and borders is crucial for defining the contemporary European border control regime.