From September until the end of November 2014 Claudio Lombardi stays as a Visiting Research Fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service at the Institute for European Integration.

Claudio Lombardi is a Phd student at the University of Trento (Doctoral School in Comparative and European Legal Studies), Italy. He researches about competition law, private comparative law and economic analysis of law. He also works as chief editor at the Antitrust Observatory, a European project that monitors the application of competition law in Europe. He has an LLM (University of Aberdeen, UK), a bachelor and a master in Law (both at the University of Brescia, Italy). He has published (and is in the process of publishing) case comments, journal articles, and a book chapter in the areas of competition law and private law.

At the Europa Kolleg Hamburg, Claudio is studying the functioning of the passing-on of a price overcharge in the private enforcement of European competition law. His specific focus is the proof of the causal relation between the damage and the antitrust infringement, from which he intends to glean arguments about regulatory and policy choices. In particular, he analyses how the Proposal Directive changed the way to substantiate the causal link in pass-on claims and what are the main consequences, also from an economic point of view, of these regulatory choices.

His research project is entitled: “The passing-on of price overcharge: a matter of causation and an issue of policy”.