Georg Koopmann

Dipl. Vw.



Education and professional career

• 1965 – 1971 Studies in Political Science, Sociology and Economics
at the Universities of Cologne and Hamburg.
• 1971 Degree in Economics (Diplom-Volkswirt) at University of Hamburg.
• 1971 – 1979 Research staff member, Research program Multinational Corporations, HWWA-Institute for Economic Research-Hamburg.
• 1979 – 1999 Head of research group International Trade and Services, HWWA-Institute for Economic Research-Hamburg.
• 2000 – 2003 Head of research program International Trade and Competition Regimes, HWWA-Institute for Economic Research-Hamburg.
• 2004 – 2006 Senior Economist, Department World Economy, Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA).
• Since 2007 Senior Economist, Institute for International Trade and Economic Integration, University of Hamburg.

Areas of research and teaching

• International trade and investment.
• Economic integration and multinational enterprises.
• World Trade Organisation and European external economic policy.
• Economic development and development policy.
• Industrial economics and competition policy.

Other professional activities

• Consultant to the OECD’s Interfutures programme (Research on the Internationalisation of the automobile and shipbuilding Industries).

• Consultant to the European Commission’s FAST (Forecasting in the Area of Science and Technology) Programme (Research on R&D strategies in the European automobile industry and related policies).

• Programme Manager Conflict and Cooperation in National Competition for High-Technology Industry (sponsored by German-American Academic Council).

• Programme Manager Global Governance, Regionalism and the International Economy, with special emphasis on telecommunication and audiovisual services (sponsored by Volkswagen Stiftung).

• Rapporteur Doha Development Round: Present Situation and Prospects of Success (International Conference organised by InWEnt).

• Consultant to Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung in North Korea on International Trade and Investment – Theories, Policies, Institutions.

Courses taught at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg

• EU and WTO – An Economic Perspective.
• GATT/WTO Law and EU External Economic Policy.