Procedure & Deadlines

Closing date for applications

The closing date for your application is 15 March 2015.

Please take note of our checklist of documents for your application here: „checklist“.

We do not charge an application fee.


For information on which documents shall be enclosed with the application please see our „checklist“.

Shortly you will find a link to our online admission form in this place, To be notified at that time please send an email with the subject ‘online-admission’ and your email address as the content of the message to the email address you find below.

Please send your application by email or regular mail to:
Europa-Kolleg Hamburg
Master Programme „European and European Legal Studies“
Windmühlenweg 27
D-22607 Hamburgstudies[at]

Please know that we have an attachment limit of 10 MB. In the event that your documents for application by way of email attachment exceed this limit, please divide your documents and send several emails observing the limit. We will confirm the receipt of your application in any case.
If you encounter any problems or difficulties during applying by way of email, or if you have not received a confirmation of receipt of your application from us, please send us an email without attachment to check with us.

Admission procedure

In case of admission you will be notified in May 2014.

The selection of applicants is administered by the Admissions and Examinations Committee on the basis of the written applications and, in some cases, a telephone interview.

After receipt of the letter of admission to the Master Programme (May 2014), the applicant has to declare in writing his or her acceptance or rejection of the offered place in our Master Programme. This has to be done within the deadline specified in the letter of admission.

By declaring his or her acceptance the applicant commits him- or herself to participate in the Master Programme and to cover the tuition fees.