2_DSC3421-1On September 13th Prof. Dr. Thomas Bruha will be attending a conference at University College Dublin titled „Agents of Coherence in EU Human Rights Policies“. The conference is organized by FP 7 Frame, a large, multi-partner network investigating coherence and incoherence in the human rights policies of the European Union in cooperation with the School of Politics and International Relations of University College Dublin. Representative members of EU institutions, Member States and civil society will elaborate on their experiences of EU institutions and their potential role in fostering coherence or risking incoherence in EU human rights policies. In particular, the various ways incoherence arises whether through conflicting structures, policies or interests and whether it involves conflicting internal policies of the European Union, internal and external policies or different external policies will be analyzed. Thomas Bruha will take part in Panel I, addressing the role of Member States.