From the 24th of August until the 5th of September 2014 a Summer School, which was dealing with comparitive constitutional law, was taking place at the Eötvös-Loránd- University in Budapest. The participating students and postgraduates were from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Prof. Dr. Kotzur was holding a lecture about parliamentarianism and the role of the European Parliament.

The University of Hamburg, among other German universities, had organised in cooperation with the Kültür University of Istanbul a Summer School near Izmir, Turkey in September 2014. The Summer School for german and turkish students was dealing with the current case law of the ECHR and the international protection of fundamental rights and human rights. In line with this Summer School Prof. Dr. Kotzur talked about the concept of the Margin of Appreciation – regarding the freedom of religion.

In Riga, Prof. Dr. Kotzur will give a guest lecture about “European Neighbourhood Policy in Times of Crisis – Challenges and Perspectives” during the Baltic-German University Liaison Office at the 08th of October 2014. The Baltic-German University Liaison Office was founded in July 2004 by an agreement between the University of Latvia, the Riga Technical University and the German Academic Exchange Service. It offers further education activities relating to Germany and Europe, for students and young scientists plus for all others who are interested in these fields.