Supranational Community law and international business law are having an increasing impact on the legal status of natural and legal persons. Ensuring the most effective possible protection of individual rights is therefore of growing importance in these areas.

The ten articles by Peter Behrens, Georg M. Berrisch, Christian Calliess, Wolfram Cremer, Sebastian Heselhaus, Hans-Georg Kamann, Hanns Peter Nehl, Gert Nicolaysen, Carsten Nowak and Stefan Oeter contained in this volume deal primarily with the administrative procedural and judicial protection of individual rights in the EC and its Member States as well as with the private enforcement of WTO law and the WTO dispute settlement procedure.
The focus is on the increasingly important interdependencies between the protection of individual rights in the member states, supranational law and international economic law.

The work is aimed primarily at international, European, constitutional and administrative lawyers as well as courts, authorities, associations, companies and their legal advisors.