One of the core elements of the European economic constitution is the guarantee of effective protection of fundamental rights for companies in the European internal market. This principle has been given its decisive contours in the case law of the European Court of Justice. It indicates a growing importance of the fundamental rights dimensions in Community law.

The contributions in this volume by Marc Bungenberg, Wolfram Cremer, Sebastian Heselhaus, Marco Keser, Gert Nicolaysen, Carsten Nowak, Eckhard Pache, Hans Arno Petzold, Peter Szczekalla, Imre Vörös and Jiri Zemánek deal – with comparative legal reference to the legal systems of Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic – in particular with the development, the classification in economic constitutional law and the procedural enforcement of fundamental economic rights, which include in particular the freedom of economic activity, the freedom of occupation and the freedom of property as well as the principle of the protection of legitimate expectations.

The work is aimed at legal scholars, especially European law scholars, practitioners such as lawyers, in-house counsel, and judges, as well as anyone interested in European fundamental rights and legal protection issues.