The modernization of European competition law, which came into force a good two years ago, continues to prompt competition law experts and economists from academia and practice to deal intensively with a wide variety of theoretically and practically relevant aspects of EC competition law after its reform. This is not only a matter of individual building blocks of this reform, which is now entering a phase of consolidation, but also of its effects on German competition law, which companies, lawyers, competition authorities and courts have to face in terms of substantive and procedural law.

Against this background, the conference volume deals through nine contributions by Lutz M. Becker, Peter Behrens, Carsten Bittner, Ellen Braun, Philipp von Dietze, Marco Hartmann-Rüppel, Carsten Nowak, Konrad Ost and Heike Schweitzer with some aspects of the reformed EC competition law that are particularly important from a practical and theoretical point of view, as well as with some noteworthy developments in the competition law jurisprudence of the Community Courts and German courts.

The work is aimed primarily at lawyers and economists in academia and practice, as well as anyone interested in new competition law developments and issues.