The modernization of European competition law is in full swing: on May 1, 2004 – accompanied by a series of new notices – the new Antitrust Procedure Regulation No. 1/2003 and the new Merger Regulation No. 139/2004 entered into force, to which companies, lawyers, competition authorities and courts must quickly adapt both in terms of substantive law and procedural law. EC public procurement law is also undergoing a significant reform process, with increasingly important links to EC state aid law.

In ten contributions by Peter Behrens, Ellen Braun, Marc Bungenberg, Wolfram Cremer, Silke Hossenfelder, Hanns Peter Nehl, Carsten Nowak, Jacques Steenbergen, Anthony Whelan and Wolfgang Wurmnest, the conference volume “Europäisches Wettbewerbsrecht im Umbruch” (European Competition Law in Transition) deals with the protection of companies’ fundamental rights in EC competition law and the Commission’s investigative powers under antitrust law, as well as with the current reforms in the areas of EC antitrust, public procurement and merger control law.

The work is aimed at legal scholars, practitioners, and anyone interested in these developments in competition law.