The purpose of this work is to objectify the discussion on the creation of an economic and monetary union, which has become the focus of attention in the context of the European integration process, by providing a legal analysis of the decision-making procedures and related problematic issues.

The author describes the procedures provided for in the ECT for the transition to the final stage. In doing so, he elaborates the stability content anchored in the set of norms for the creation of an economic and monetary union. The aim is to show the limits imposed by the concept of an economic and monetary union as a stability community on the interpretation of the set of norms, especially the convergence criteria.

In addition, questions concerning the participation of the German legislature in the decision on the transition to the final stage, a possible right of veto of the member states, a right of withdrawal of the member states from the final stage of the monetary union or the European Union, and the justiciability of the decision are discussed. “Anyone who is academically and/or practically concerned with monetary union should not overlook this book.”