Where is European integration heading? On the one hand, the EU is a success story, but on the other hand it generates growing problems, especially of institutional origin. This volume documents the keynote speeches held on the occasion of the traditional German-Hungarian Talks (20/21 May 2010) at the Andrássy University in Budapest, presenting special views from German and Hungarian perspectives. These talks are regularly attended by representatives of academia, politics and business. The papers presented at the 2010 talks can be divided into three main criteria: Monetary Union and Bailouts; Cohesion, Convergence and Integration; and EU, Global Economy and the Euro.

With contributions by: Martina Eckardt and Werner Ebert, Balázs Ferkelt, Attila Gáspár and Andrea Gyulai-Schmidt, Georg Koopmann and Lars Vogel, Katalin Nagy, Wolf Schäfer, Martin Seidel, Tamás Szemlér.


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