As part of the publication series of the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg on integration research (Schriftenreihe des Europa-Kollegs Hamburg zur Integrationsforschung), the book “Human Rights of Irregular Migrants in the European Union – Implementation of European Policy and Legislation for the Effective Protection of these Rights” by Annalisa Morticelli has recently been published by NOMOS.

The book addresses the difficult issue of irregular migration in the European Union, through a juridical reconstruction of the phenomenon starting from its origins. The interesting aspect is the understanding part between Italy and Germany, to understand the phenomenon in two different member countries, in order to grasp the main critical issues and identify virtuous behaviors in order to create a system that is as homogenous as possible at the level of the European Union. The researches were carried out in Italy and in Germany above all, through the analysis of legislative documents and the doctrine on the subject.