Dr. Marko Milenkovic is a Visiting Research Fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service at the Institute for European Integration from April till June 2015.

Dr. Milenkovic is a research fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences Belgrade (Centre for Legal Research). He has a PhD, a master’s and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Belgrade. He also holds an LL.M. from the University of Cambridge. He has published in the fields of European Integration, Administrative law, Environmental Law and State Aid.

At the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, Marko Milenkovic is working on a research project entitled: “Approximation of State Aid Control in Serbia to EU Law – challenges and prospects”. The research focuses on the challenges and impediments of aligning State Aid measures the in Serbian transitional context. Dr. Milenkovic is especially interested in examining institutional structures introduced through law on State Aid Control and experiences of the first phase of implementation of the law from 2009 to 2014 in the context of economic crisis and enlargement fatigue.