Dr. Chien-Huei Wu will become a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for European Integration starting in November 2022. Dr. Wu is an associate research professor at the Institute of European and American Studies at the National Academy of Sciences in Taipei, Taiwan, where he coordinates the “EU Research Group.”

The Taiwanese scholar works in the field of international law and international trade. His research focuses on the EU’s trade relations, China’s relationship with Taiwan, and the EU’s relations with states from the Asia-Pacific region. His publications include the monographs WTO and the Greater China: Economic Integration and Dispute Resolution (Martinus Nijhoff 2012) and Law and Politics on Export Restrictions: WTO and Beyond (Cambridge University Press 2021).

While at the Institute for European Integration, Dr. Wu will be writing a monograph on EU-China-Taiwan relations, which will focus on the proposed EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement. If implemented, this should lead to the removal of many restrictions on EU companies in the Chinese market. With regard to the agreement, the visiting scholar examines how the EU conducts trade policy as a multilateral actor and how it inscribes its values into trade agreements.

Wu’s monograph questions the proposed partnership in light of human rights violations by the Chinese government and the EU’s role as a ‘normative power’. Against this backdrop, Dr. Chien-Huei Wu will also explore the challenges that would arise for a potential trade agreement between the EU and Taiwan.

Dr. Wu has previously been a Visiting Fellow at the World Trade Institute at the University of Bern, at the Universities of Cologne, Passau, and at Georgetown University. In addition, the future Visiting Fellow at the Institute for European Integration has professional experience as a prosecutor at the Taiwanese Ministry of Justice and has advised various ministries of the Republic of Taiwan. In 2019, the Florence PhD spoke before the European Parliament on EU-Taiwan trade and investment relations. Dr. Wu plans to stay at the Institute for European Integration until October 2023.