Europa-Kolleg Hamburg welcomes a new Visiting Fellow. The Italian Dr. Roberto Luppi will be working at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg during a three-month research stay starting in December 2022.

Dr. Luppi studied at WWU Münster as well as at University LUMSA in Rome, where he also received his PhD in 2020. He has completed periods of study and research at the Universidad Católica Argentina in Buenos Aires and at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend (Indiana). His publications deal with issues in the philosophy of law, such as the analysis of virtues and theories of justice. He is also the editor of the collection of anthologies “John Rawls and the Common Good”.

Until December 2022, Dr. Roberto Luppi has been a research fellow at Villa Vigoni, the German-Italian Center for European Dialogue. As part of this activity, Luppi participated in the Hamburg-Vigoni Forum conference series, organized by the University of Hamburg. The Italian also works as a lecturer at the Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta, Palermo. Previously, the future Visiting Fellow has worked for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and as a staff member for a Member of Congress and the Cultural Committee of the Italian Parliament.

Dr. Roberto Luppi has already contributed to a wide variety of international conferences, including a 2022 LUMSA University of Palermo conference on “Building the Future Between Precarity and Hope. German-Italian Perspectives in a Changing Europe” itself.

The visiting researcher will work with Europa-Kolleg Hamburg until the end of February 2023. Afterwards, he will present his research results in a seminar at the Institute of European Integration and in the form of a manuscript.