6_DSC3391-1From 13th – 15th March, Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur, Managing Director of the Institute for European Integration will be at the National Law University in Delhi (NLUD), India to partake in an international summit. The Joint Indo-German Conference on the topic of “Open Markets, Free Trade and Sustainable Development – Friends or Foes?” is organized by the law faculties of the University of Hamburg, Humboldt University Berlin and Ruhr University Bochum, in close cooperation with NLUD.

Prof. Kotzur will deliver comments on the Keynote Address by Prof. M.P. Singh, NLUD. He will furthermore give a presentation on the topic of ‘Invisible hands and visible cultures: open markets in cultural diversity- A specific encounter’.

The conference provides a great opportunity to expand academic exchange with India in a research context. Our Master’s Programme in European and European Legal studies already benefits from Indian students coming to Germany on the Angela Merkel Scholarship programme.