The Europa-Kolleg Hamburg is currently conducting a cultural studies lecture series in which the various compounds of our time with the ancient world and in particular the early Greek culture will be discussed.

Including today’s issues and research approaches this lecture should continue a discussion about the phenomena of difference and identity, which already started in the 18th century. This discourse went on in various national branches and has led in aesthetics to politics this led to various discussion segments , which can may be put back together again from the perspective of cultural studies.

At the same time it should refer to Bruno Snell, the Rector of the University of Hamburg and founder of the College of Europe, and those legendary series of lectures, which he carried out in 1943 a few weeks after the devastating bomb attacks in half-destroyed Hamburg. With the shift to a reception history understood as a history of ideas he wanted in times of the Hitler dictatorship – but even after 1945 – refer to liberal and democratic elements in European antiquity discourse and help enlightened impulses to gain influence.

Lectures during January 2011 (flyers, pdf)
Lecture on 25th of May 2011 ” Oskar Kokoschka – The antiquity as a benchmark in Europe ” (Flyer , PDF )