In August 2022, Italian PhD Riccardo Samperi will conduct research at the Institute for European Integration. The visiting fellow from University of Enna is currently writing his PhD thesis in ‘Antitrust, Competition Policy and International Law ‘. Riccardo Samperi also has professional experience as a lawyer and is one of the editors of the online legal magazine Cammino Diritto.

Samperi’s doctoral thesis deals with international competition law in the context of globalization – especially at the European level. During his stay, the researcher would like to take a closer look at the ‘Protection of Fair Competition within the European Single Market against Distortions by Non-EU Subsidiaries’ in order to deepen his thesis. The latter are not regulated by EU competition law, which brings economic advantages to these firms compared to their European competitors.

The visiting research fellow plans to conduct this work between August 01 and 31 at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg. Afterwards Riccardo Samperi will publish his results in the Discussion Papers series of Europa-Kolleg Hamburg.