On September 15 and 16, 2022, the annual conference of the Working Group on Politics and Law on the topic “Integration through Politics, Integration through Law?” took place at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg. The event was opened with a welcome by Privatdozent Dr. Andreas Grimmel, who has been involved in the working group of the German Association for Politics and Law for years.

The 25 participants from the fields of political science, economics and law engaged in a lively discussion about the constitutionalization of the EU, the European multi-level system and the democratic foundations of a supranational system. Despite differing perspectives, the discussants succeeded in developing many common positions.

The conference was organized by Dr. Susanne Giang, PD Dr. Andreas Grimmel, Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur and Prof. Dr. Oliver Lembcke. Also, the organizers plan to publish an anthology on the results of the conference.