World power on credit – What happens when America goes bankrupt?
America is seriously ill: Despite recent successes in the fight against international terrorism, the country is deeply divided, the economic problems are striking. Josef Braml delivers with this important book a kind of economic and foreign policy early warning system and explains what the sway America mean for the rest of the world and how Germany can best adapt. The United States have become a power on credit. The worst recession since the 1930s , a frightening national debt , which dramatically increased unemployment, social inequality and poverty , the rapid decline of the automotive industry and the real estate sector , the risk of further asset bubbles and the strong energy dependence – all of which paralyzes the United States. The renowned U.S. expert Josef Braml analyzes how these massive problems will affect U.S. policies , such as in the form of a new protectionism , stringent resource rivalry with China, increasing security for own interests, and of passing on peace political and financial burdens on the western allies. Discussion will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur , Europa-Kolleg Hamburg / University of Hamburg.

Organizer: Europa-Kolleg Hamburg
Where? America Centre Hamburg e.V.
Programme (pdf file)

11.05.2012_BuchprÑsentation mit Josef Braml_Diskussion auf dem Podium und mit dem Publikum