The European Union is more powerful than ever before. At the same time it is as unpopular as ever among its citizens. Brussels is a synonym for a caste anonymous “apparatchiks” who care little for the public opinion. The keywords “Euro crisis” and the accompanying “Euro bailout” do not improve this opinion. But why is the judgment of the EU citizens that bad? Jochen Bittner, EU correspondent of TIME, has taken the European Union and examined them in detail and comes to the conclusion that the EU makes three big mistakes. The event will be moderated by Dr. Konrad Lammers, Europa-Kolleg Hamburg. Detailed information:

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Organizer: Business Services and Europa-Kolleg Hamburg
Where? ZBW-Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

09.05.2012_BuchprÑsentation mit Jochen Bittner _Dr. Lammers begrÅ·t zur BuchprÑsentation 09.05.2012_BuchprÑsentation mit Jochen Bittner _J. Bittner referiert Åber die 3 gro·en Fehler der EU